NASA Astronaut Reunites With Her Dog After 328 Days In Space

Christina Koch has spent more consecutive days in space than any other woman, and her dog was not a big fan of that.

In a video tweeted by the NASA astronaut Thursday, the pup can be seen peeping out the window and wagging her tail frantically. When Koch opens the door, after having spent nearly a year in space, her pal is beside herself.

“Not sure who was more excited,” Koch quipped. “Glad she remembers me after a year!”

After a record-setting 328 days in space, during which time she participated in the first all-female spacewalk with astronaut Jessica Meir, Koch touched back down to Earth last Thursday. Her stint was just 12 days shy of the American single-spaceflight record, held by Scott Kelly, and broke the previous 288-day record for longest single spaceflight  by a woman, held by former NASA astronaut Peggy Whitson.

On Wednesday, she told reporters she was feeling “great” and relishing the wonders of her life on Earth ― including her loved ones, favorite snacks (chips and salsa), the beach and, of course, LBD.

“We call her LBD, little brown dog. She’s from the Humane Society and she couldn’t be sweeter,” Koch said at Houston’s Johnson Space Center. “And yes, she was very excited, I was very excited, I’m not sure who was more excited!”

“You know it’s just a symbol of coming back to the people and places that you love, to see your favorite animal.”

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